23 Weeks Preggo

One of the things that finally prompted me to start this blog is to post preggo pics. I would like to share them with my family and friends – without posting each week to Facebook and having everyone make fat comments. 23-weeksThough, the comments on the couple photos I’ve posted so far have actually boosted my self-esteem quite a bit.

Anyway, I have been taking these pictures weekly since week 13. [Maybe I can hone my Photoshop  skills and create a progression since the beginning, but don’t hold your breath.] It’s been really awesome to look back on these photos and see how I’ve changed – going from “normal” to bloated to “she looks like she’s been drinking a ton of beer” to “oh my gosh she’s pregnant!” Here’s my most recent picture taken Sunday, 12.01. DISCLAIMER: I look exhausted in the picture because DAMN it’s hard growing a human!

Since this is my first post about my pregnancy I’ll fill in the details. My guess date is March 28 and we are having a girl! I’ve really had an easy pregnancy so far, and have had no sickness or serious discomfort. While I have done more complaining than I should about my weight, hip pain, huge boobs, peeing every 5 seconds, etc., it’s really been a pleasant experience. My husband, Chris, is thrilled to be having a girl – actually he’s just thrilled we’re having a baby – and has been super encouraging, loving and just way too darn nice to me for the last 23 weeks. I’m blessed.


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