24 Weeks Preggo

It’s been a week and I haven’t changed a whole lot. Tonight, I said to Chris… I think we’re only going to do this (take weekly photos) with the first kid. He gave me the death stare and said, “Well, I feel bad for the second child.” He’s the second child, I am the first. But I really don’t think I will take weekly pictures with my other kids. IMG_9253

Anyway, I’ve kept fairly active throughout this pregnancy but this week was tough due to frigged (below 10) temperatures and snow. Last year we hardly had any snow in Denver. And when it did snow it melted immediately, due to the strong sun, high altitude, etc. I feel as though I may have been given a false impression of Denver… but I’ll give it some more time.

In other news, I thought I lost the ONLY pair of pants that fit me today. I did laundry this week and left my jeans in the laundry room of our apartment building to dry. I went to get them this morning and they were gone!! I cried. It was devastating. I wrote a note and taped it to the front door of the apartment building pleading with the pant thief to return them! I pulled the preggo card and said they are my only pants! They were returned tonight by the very apologetic boyfriend of apartment #6 who grabbed them by accident. Crisis averted.


One thought on “24 Weeks Preggo

  1. I’ll bet you gave that boyfriend from apartment 6 a good reason not to impregnate his girlfriend. HA! 🙂 love you! I’m glad you got your pants back!

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