25 Weeks Preggo

Week 25 and only 15 to go! Crazy. This month has been flying by and I’m sure she’ll be here before we know it. 25-weeks

There’s not a whole lot to report here. We began packing today, as we close on our house on Thursday the 19th and move on the 23rd. So yes, we will spend Christmas in a fairly empty house – but we’ll have many, many more Christmas’ to enjoy there.

My brother and his wife flying in Friday the 20th and we are so looking forward to seeing them! While we feel bad they will be sleeping in a boxed-up apartment for the night, I think we’ll still have a great time out of the apartment exploring Denver and in Loveland at Briee’s family’s house.

Last thing to report – I went to a cookie exchange yesterday and I cannot stop eating the cookies. It’s a problem. Seriously. I may gain an excessive amount of weight in the weeks to come – so no fat jokes, please =)


4 thoughts on “25 Weeks Preggo

  1. your picture this week is ADORABLE, and I aspire to look as cute as you do preggers (some day) Can’t wait to see you this weekend! LOVE YOU!

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