Closing is TOMORROW!

Today was our final walk through of our new home. We close tomorrow and are excited, anxious, terrified, etc. I’ve prepped my realtor and mortgage broker for tomorrow by telling them I will be there with my life’s savings (literally) and a box of tissues. IMG_9273

Buying this house – after this unborn little girl – is the biggest leap of faith we’ve taken to-date. There were lots of tears, lots of prayers and lots of help from our mortgage broker and realtor put into buying this tiny, little home. I look forward to making it ours and watching our family grow in it.

The apartment is a mess at the moment – which one would expect when preparing to move. Thankfully, we don’t own much – except an excessive amount of beer. Seriously. Excessive. We are hiring a moving company – but they are not to touch the beer. That’s the job of my husband and brother – who know what precious cargo they will be transporting.

IMG_9276I should also mention that this house is on Hooker St. On our way to the house this morning we passed the street because there was no sign indicating that it was Hooker St. I guess there’s probably a problem with hooligans stealing the street sign. I guess I can’t blame them…

More pictures of the house to come!



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