27 Weeks Preggo

Ok, so I skipped week 26. This last week has been emotional, stressful and just plain crazy. Between moving, Christmas, and visits from the in-laws and my brother, you’ll have to forgive me for missing one photo.27-weeks

After a great weekend with my brother, his wife and “family” in Loveland, the moving truck arrived bright and early Monday morning. Despite his punk-ass kid appearance, our moving foreman – Moses – was on top of it. Within three hours Moses and his pothead partner had us moved out of our apartment and into our new home.

Since Monday, the house has been in disarray, my internet company – Century Link – brought me to tears (sobs, actually), and my husband has been working almost non-stop. Thankfully, my in-laws came to town and they (along with Chris’ grandparents) came over Saturday to help clean. What a blessing.

Now on to the “how does mama feel” part of my weekly preggo update. Besides being an emotional mess – I’m doing well physically. I’m growing and baby is growing, which is evidenced by the picture. Baby has also been given a name. Her name is Grace Aline. To clarify, Aline is pronounced A-leen, and it’s my great-grandmother’s name, my grandmother’s name and my sister’s middle name. As for how we picked Grace – God has richly blessed us and because of His grace (not of our own doing) we have been consistently provided for. Through the last year, and especially in the last 6 months, we’ve learned a lot about God’s grace. It’s our prayer that we will continue to trust in God’s grace and guidance in our parenting and that our Grace will grow into a beautiful woman of God, sharing His grace and sovereignty with everyone she meets.


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