Too Cute Baby Shower Decor

So in one of my previous posts I shared how awesome the decorations were for my baby shower. My sister, Katrina, and her husband, Mark, bought tons of clothes for Grace and turned them into decorations I could take home. Here are some pictures of their creativity.

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31 Weeks Preggo

Week 31. I hope you can all see the significant growth that happened in just one week. This week we had the first of 6 baby classes. For those of you who don’t know, I’m delivering at a birthing center in Denver. One of the reasons we chose to deliver at the birthing center – Mountain Midwifery – is because of their focus on education. We have 4 natural birth classes, 1 breastfeeding class and 1 newborn and infant care class. This week was the first of our natural birthing classes.

Basically, we learned about early labor, baby positions and how to catch a baby if we are not at the birthing center or IMG_9489hospital when Grace is born. There are a couple parents who live in the mountains. They might actually need to know how to catch a baby. It was great to be with other moms and dads who are going through similar situations and experiences. It’s nice to know I’m not the only mama who wakes up in the middle of the night screaming from leg cramps.

Speaking of leg cramps, I woke up around 4 am with a massive charlie horse the other night. I was screaming. Poor Chris probably thought I was going into labor. I can’ believe I will have to endure the pain of labor when I cannot handle a charlie horse.

Lastly, I had my first prenatal massage today. It was blissful. I would highly recommend it for any pregnant lady.

30 Weeks Preggo

I feel like it’s the home stretch. People tell me time will start to go really slowly now. However, I don’t think anyweek-30 of these people moved into a house at week 26, had nothing put together and not one single baby item. When there’s so much to do – time goes by very quickly.

As mentioned previously, we were extremely blessed by an awesome baby shower when we were in NY. As in typical Roehrig fashion – it was full of all my favorite loud, huggie/kissie blood and non-blood family. It makes me really sad that Grace will not grow up with these people close to her.

I came home with with tons of books, baby clothes and very special things made especially for Grace. We’ve also had many items delivered to the house – which has all-around made me feel slightly more prepared for her arrival. I’ve also begun crafting all the decor for her room. I sweshower1ar I will post pictures.

One more thing about the shower – my sister made the CUTEST center pieces. I will get photos from her so I can post.



At 30 weeks, I am feeling great. Her movements are much more vigorous (dare I say violent?) and she’s causing me a little bit more discomfort than normal. I also have to pee MUCH more in the middle of the night. Speaking of which, the toilet in our bedroom bathroom clogged last night at 10 pm. My husband ran to the store to get a plunger so I wouldn’t have to walk upstairs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Who has the best husband in the world? I do.

Two Bean and Kale Soup

I am hungry all the time. This is not an exaggeration. When I wake up to pee 2 times a night – I’m hungry. When I am done with my third morning snack – I’m hungry. So, because I eat all the time I try to eat as healthy as possible when  I am stuffing my face.

This last week I was in NY to visit my family and had a baby shower for little Grace. I ate a ton. And while it wasn’t necessarily unhealthy – it wasn’t my normal, fairly meatless diet. So I am in recovery mode.

This soup is an Effken household favorite. It’s healthy, inexpensive and hearty. Not to mention it has kale. And I LOVE kale. You’ll notice, as I post recipes, that I tend to favor Cooking Light. When you find the right recipe, it’s typically pretty easy and delicious. Anyway, here’s a link to the two bean and kale soup recipe. Enjoy!


28 Weeks Preggo

Hello, third trimester!!! Now, if you are thinking like me, you’re probably thinking – “are you sure you JUST hit the third trimester?” This is what the doctor told me – so we shall see. My mom is convinced I’ll be early. “Look28-weeks-side at the size of you,” she says. I hear the third trimester is when one starts becoming uncomfortable – so I’m not really looking forward to this. But I got a body pillow for Christmas so bring on the discomfort!!

This Friday we fly to NY to visit my family and have a baby shower. We are so excited to see everyone. My family tends to throw the best parties, so it should be a great time with all the people I love the most.

And yes – there have still been no pictures of the house because it’s truly a disaster. Grace’s room has been painted and when we come back to town I plan to start all my DIY decor. The biggest need right now is living room furniture, because it feels stark and unwelcoming. BUT, those of you who know me know that I can’t just go to the furniture store and buy anything new. What a waste of money. Instead – I will thrift it all, and God only knows how long this will take.

Dictionary Flower Bouquet Craft

So amongst the craziness happening in our life (moving, holiday, family visits, pregnancy) I found time to make a gift for Chris’ grandma Effken. It took a bit longer than I expected, and I wish I thought of the idea months ago so I could have finished it before the move – but alas, I was not totally efficient with my Christmas list this year.

Anyway, here is the final product from the fruits of my labor.


Grandma Effken is a former English teacher, and loves words and grammar. She’s a lady who has everything she needs or wants so I figured it would be better to make her something than buy her something useless that will sit in her house. She’s also an extremely thoughtful gift giver, so I think she’ll appreciate it. IMG_9282

I found the vase at a flee market for $1.99 and a huge Webster’s dictionary at a thrift store for $2.50. The pages of the dictionary were a little too thin, but I persevered. I got this idea from my brother’s wedding – which used all paper flowers made by her mom and a family friend. You can see them here – they are way better than mine. Here is the tutorial for the origami flower and here is the tutorial for the roses.