28 Weeks Preggo

Hello, third trimester!!! Now, if you are thinking like me, you’re probably thinking – “are you sure you JUST hit the third trimester?” This is what the doctor told me – so we shall see. My mom is convinced I’ll be early. “Look28-weeks-side at the size of you,” she says. I hear the third trimester is when one starts becoming uncomfortable – so I’m not really looking forward to this. But I got a body pillow for Christmas so bring on the discomfort!!

This Friday we fly to NY to visit my family and have a baby shower. We are so excited to see everyone. My family tends to throw the best parties, so it should be a great time with all the people I love the most.

And yes – there have still been no pictures of the house because it’s truly a disaster. Grace’s room has been painted and when we come back to town I plan to start all my DIY decor. The biggest need right now is living room furniture, because it feels stark and unwelcoming. BUT, those of you who know me know that I can’t just go to the furniture store and buy anything new. What a waste of money. Instead – I will thrift it all, and God only knows how long this will take.


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