Two Bean and Kale Soup

I am hungry all the time. This is not an exaggeration. When I wake up to pee 2 times a night – I’m hungry. When I am done with my third morning snack – I’m hungry. So, because I eat all the time I try to eat as healthy as possible when  I am stuffing my face.

This last week I was in NY to visit my family and had a baby shower for little Grace. I ate a ton. And while it wasn’t necessarily unhealthy – it wasn’t my normal, fairly meatless diet. So I am in recovery mode.

This soup is an Effken household favorite. It’s healthy, inexpensive and hearty. Not to mention it has kale. And I LOVE kale. You’ll notice, as I post recipes, that I tend to favor Cooking Light. When you find the right recipe, it’s typically pretty easy and delicious. Anyway, here’s a link to the two bean and kale soup recipe. Enjoy!



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