32 Weeks Preggo

We ushered in week 32 with snow and crazy cold weather. I think we’ve had more snow so far this winter than all last IMG_9498winter combined. [Insert global climate change comment here.] With the frigid cold and icy weather, my walks are few and far between these days. It’s amazing I still keep my amazing figure [insert eye-roll here].

Week two of natural birth class complete. This week we watched a video on the stages of birth. It was horrifying. Chris thought it was great. He says he’s happy to have a better idea of what’s going to happen. I also have a better idea of what’s going to happen – but I’m not as happy as he is. We were both also crying (or at least teary) at the end when the mamas were holding their babies (and they surprisingly looked like they had not just pushed a baby from their vagina). I looked around to see what other hormonal pregnant woman and emotionally supportive partner partner were crying – I believe we were the only ones.

In others news, the Broncos got slaughtered in the Superbowl – in case you haven’t yet heard. Luckily, I was in good company with good food. I am just outraged that Sherman is now wearing a Superbowl ring. What an ass.


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