33 Weeks Preggo

At 33 weeks I am sleeping less, eating less and working more. Sleeping less because I have a ninja living in my uterus who’s active at all hours of the day (better not keep that up outside the womb). Eating less because I’m just not as hungry – or I’m sick of eating all the time, but I can’t decide which it is. Working more because the company I work for a small but mighty and pushing out a ridiculous amount of work. IMG_9506

Despite all of the above, I still feel pretty good. I find it hard to believe I could get any bigger. I think the weight is going to have to start distributing throughout other body parts (not just my boobs and belly) because I just don’t think they can handle it anymore.

We finished week three of natural birth class and have only one more in the series. This last week we discussed active labor. I believe I’ve decided that I’d like to bake during early labor – I like to do it and it will keep me busy. But, active labor sounds serious and there will be no baking during that time. We also discussed what would happened if we get transferred to the hospital (this would happen if something is not normal). It really was not an uplifting class, but ended with a video of a midwife in South America birthing her own baby in a beautifully tiled bathtub. It was intense. Not sure if I liked it or not, but one can only hope my birth story goes as well as hers.

Home update: Chris and I have spent the last week painting the ceiling and walls in our dining room and living room. I anticipate it will be done Monday. Grace’s crib arrives on Sunday and we can FINALLY get that room put together. I know you want pictures… in due time they will come…


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