34 Weeks Preggo

We’ve finished our four weeks of natural birth preparation class… and we are 100% prepared to have a baby! Not. IMG_9509Despite the fact that I’m sure I won’t remember much of the class when labor is super intense, I’m glad that the midwifery takes such an interest in educating us. It’s also great that they include the dads so much. When we were going to the OBGYN they hardly ever acknowledged Chris was in the room – and here he’s empowered as an important role in preparation, labor and infant care.

This Sunday we finally got a crib in Grace’s room. My family in Loveland (who are really my brother’s in-laws) hauled down a used crib from Loveland that was given to us by a wonderful friend. Even though Grace won’t be in her crib for a while, it certainly makes our expanding family more of a reality. (As if a look in the mirror isn’t reality enough.)

Now for all the bitching and moaning I’m entitled to do as a pregnant person… Sleeping is tough these days. I got around 3 hours of sleep last night. I’ve developed a little bit of a restless leg syndrome during pregnancy – so falling asleep is fairly difficult. Not to mention I pee 3 times, Grace punches my right side most of the night and rolling over is terribly difficult with an extra 21 pounds strictly packed on the front of my torso.

But really, I feel pretty darn good – all things considered – and I am in no rush to meet our daughter. She can stay in there and get nice and chubby until 40 weeks!


One thought on “34 Weeks Preggo

  1. I came here prepared to pester you for another post so I’m glad I didn’t have to do it šŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to meet Grace or to see pictures of her new house. Love you guys (and post house pictures. Did I mention that?)

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