36 Weeks Preggo

ONE more week and I’m considered at term – meaning Grace will have fully developed, healthy lungs, and will be IMG_9533able to survive on her own outside the womb. Wow. Now, we’re in no rush to get her out of there, but 39 weeks would be about perfect! It’s got to be getting close because I believe she has dropped, but I’m no midwife. When comparing photos from a week ago my belly is quite a bit different. Also – her hiccups are MUCH lower than a week ago.

This week we put together Grace’s nursery and finally hung things in the living room! We got our butts in gear because we hosted our first part on Sunday – a keg and wipes party. In response to those who asked why we were not having a shower in Colorado and when they could see our new house, Chris got a couple kegs of beer and guests arrived with wipes and diapers to see our house and celebrate the upcoming arrival of Grace. We had a ton of fun visiting with old friends and new friends and feel SO incredibly blessed.

On a completely unrelated note, I thought I’d share my new favorite song. I recently discovered the band Page CXVI, whose mission it is to sing and record hymns to make them known again. I love this hymn and I love their rendition; and particularly as I’m experiencing anxiety and anticipation about Grace’s arrival – it’s a comforting message.


2 thoughts on “36 Weeks Preggo

  1. By the looks of your picture, you have definitely dropped. What a beautiful nursery. I don’t have a creative bone in my body so I always admire people like you. Get plenty of rest….

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