37 Weeks Preggo

I’ve hit two major milestones in my pregnancy this week. The first is that I was able to use my belly as a table for the IMG_9538first time – resting my bowl of pretzels on the baby bump. The second is that I now waddle. I guess the waddle is to be expected when a baby’s head has dropped so low that it’s practically between your legs.

With emotions at an all time high today, I’m feeling a bit of anxiety about Grace’s arrival. We’re mostly ready – if you can say ready is having the car seat installed, an excited daddy and a clean house. My sister-in-law sent me a link to a hilarious blog today. If you are a pregnant mama I’d encourage you track your pregnancy with woman’s verbose and witty take on pregnancy.  For her week 37 entry she says:

Despite feeling whale-ish and slow and awkward, and despite not even remembering the last full night’s sleep you got, many pregnant women get a burst of nervous energy in the final weeks. You’ll get the patronizing “oh, you’re just NESTING” from everybody else, but not from me. I understand. There are fingerprints on those windows and unless you just go get the Windex right this minute you’ll be looking at those fingerprints six months from now oh my God get the Windex right this minute WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

This is true and hilarious. I said to Chris last night that we needed to make sure the house was clean at all times. Nothing would be worse than coming home to a dirty house with a new baby. (Well, at least I would assume, since I’ve not done it before.)


3 thoughts on “37 Weeks Preggo

  1. I’m so excited for you all. I wish we were closer. You just be sure to let me know when you visit Omaha. Best wishes for a great birth experience!

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