38 Weeks Preggo

[Note: this picture was taken days ago – since I’m 39 weeks tomorrow!] 38 weeks and no baby. I often get questions IMG_9540like, “Are you feeling close?” or “Do you have a feeling of when she’ll come? Like a mama’s intuition?” To the first question I say – no. I don’t feel near miserable, swollen or cranky enough to be close. To the second question I say – no. If she has sent me a personal note with the date of her arrival I would have told you. And PS – thanks for making me feel self-conscious about my “mother’s intuition.”

Pregnancy also must put a huge sign on my head that says, “please tell me your horrific birth story.” It seems like the worse the story the more anxious people are to share. WHY? The teacher of my natural birth class says an appropriate response is, “I’m sorry that happened to you. But that’s not my story.” I prefer, “that sucks. Now shut up.” And no, I haven’t actually said that to anyone.

When Chris tells people that we’re delivering at the birthing center he says he often receives the following response, “oh yeah… my wife said that she didn’t want drugs. She’ll change her mind.” To which he wants to say, “you don’t know my wife.” But really… drugs aren’t even an option at the birthing center. And even if I do need to be transferred to the hospital and have drugs – at least I tried. And that will be my birth story.

Again, to quote my wise father [and Grace’s Poppy]: opinions are like assholes – everyone has one and they all stink.

In other news, today Chris and I practiced folding up the stroller and putting the car seat into the stroller adapter. Needless to say – the directions were easier to follow than the Pack N’ Play. It took us an hour to set up the Pack N’ Play. The directions were very minimalistic and gave extremely unrealistic expectations of it’s ease to set up. Lies. If you ever need to put together a Pack N’ Play – call parents who have done it before.

We cannot wait to meet our little girl! Please join us in praying for my continued good health, for Grace to be a healthy and happy baby, and for a safe and natural birth at the midwifery.


One thought on “38 Weeks Preggo

  1. So excited for you guys—I can’t believe how close you are to becoming parents! Grace truly will be blessed.

    On another note, I loved what you wrote about mother’s intuition and horrific birth stories. If I ever get pregnant I will probably be a lot less controlled about how i respond to people, so props to you (and take that sign off your forehead, geez! 🙂

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