39 Weeks Preggo

39 weeks has brought the “I’m so done with this” attitude. Truly, I have little to complain about. I don’t feel sick, I’m not too IMG_9550uncomfortable, I’m sleeping pretty well and I have zero heartburn. So I’m basically throwing myself a huge, unnecessary pity party because I feel as though I’m entitled. And while it may not be anything new – I’ve been particularly emotional, crying about everything and nothing.

A very sweet friend asked me my “secret” for my comfortable pregnancy – particularly for my apparently super-human ability to not swell up like a balloon during my last weeks. So here’s my recipe for a lovely pregnancy:

  • Good genes. Pregnancy is just poison to some women. But not me.
  • Get in shape. Before we decided to start trying to have a baby, I knew that I wanted to be in prime baby carrying condition. Not sure what that looks like – but basically, I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself I could be. So I started running and eating super healthy a year or so before we got pregnant.
  • Stay in shape. I walk every day 2 to 3 miles. As I’ve gotten bigger it’s been more on the end of 2 (mostly because I have to pee so bad by 2 miles I can hardly walk anymore). I also do prenatal yoga most days. I do not know how women do pregnancy without prenatal yoga. I found a series of 5 videos that I do religiously and to which I owe most of my comfort in pregnancy.
  • Water and more water. I drink a disgusting amount of water. AT LEAST 3 liters a day, but most days it’s closer to 4. We had an ultra sound for the first time since 18 weeks 3 weeks ago and the midwife kept commenting on the amazing amount of fluid I had for Grace and how healthy it is. Considering the amount of water I drink – she should literally be swimming.

So, that’s my advice for all you pregnant women and those who hope to become pregnant. It’s pretty basic – but sadly, many care providers during pregnancy do not encourage these things as they should. When we were seeing an OB I was NEVER asked about my diet or exercise routine. Because healthcare providers aren’t talking about these things they are failing mamas! So I’ll get off my soapbox now…


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