Seven Years and Counting

Today, I celebrate seven years of marriage with my husband. Normally, when I mention how long we’ve been married I receive an wedding2astounded look with the question: “how old are you?” And while I look like I’m 20, I’m actually 28…though we did get married pretty early.

Now that I have a daughter I think to myself… if my 20 year-old came to me and said, “mom, I’m getting married,” I’d say, “hell no.” Well, maybe I wouldn’t. But that’s pretty young. Chris was still finishing his undergrad degree, I was working as a reporter for a small town Nebraska newspaper making less than $9 an hour and we paid $300/month in rent for our crappy apartment. We had a total of $2500 in the bank on our wedding day, and this was of no concern to us!

This post is a simple ode to my husband. This guy is patient, kind, selfless and loving. He loves our daughter and he loves me. He lives a life of service to Jesus and his family. He’s fun, adventurous and hot. Grace and I are two lucky ladies.


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