Grace’s Kitties and Cans First Birthday

I can’t believe I have a one-year-old. I spent most of last night crying, thinking about this very thing. I feel like I’ve wished it all away. Every IMG_9177 (2) stage I’ve just looked to the next in anticipation that it’ll be easier. And I’ll tell you what… anything is easier than the first 3 months of Grace’s life.

In my meager 12 months of experience with her, I’d compare Grace to a delicious barrel aged stout. She only gets better with age. Each month has been better than the last. She has turned into such a spunky, smart and fun little girl. My heart is bursting! I just love this kid!

So now on to the good stuff…. we celebrated Grace’s first birthday with a Kitties and Cans party. DISCLAIMER: I wanted it to be a kitties and keg party (mostly because it sounds better). But my fuddy-duddy [read: logical] husband refused to get a keg because he thought it would be too much.

Gracie girl loves kitties and we love beer. And let’s be real friends, a first birthday is for the parents. Hell. We made it. Chris and I have successfully kept Grace alive and healthy. And damn it… I deserve a beer. Or 10. Or a keg.





IMG_0428 IMG_0439

On another note… I have pom-pom garland, kitty and fish cut outs, and yarn balls galore. If anyone out there wants to throw a kitty party but would like to spare themselves the pain for cutting out kitty faces or wrapping yard around forks to create pom-poms I’d be more than happy to mail you these decorations! Just comment below!!